Acupuncture for weight loss

Obesity rates are rising across the country (and the world) at an alarming pace. Not only that, they are increasing rapidly in my general area. In this very seat. But hey, are you currently overweight and long to lose your excess weight? Have you gotten discouraged from rigid diet restrictions and exhausting exercise regimens? Most overweight individuals – and that includes you, Slackernaut – usually give up before they see any weight loss. The internet says that more and more people are opting to get acupuncture for weight loss. Ha. What?

Acupuncture is apparently an ancient remedy for many health problems. This ancient Asian weight loss treatment has allegedly helped countless people going back thousands of years. This ancient art is now commonly practiced in the western world. If you are overweight and want an easy way to shed those excess pounds, consider consulting with a chiropractor or licensed acupuncture specialist to learn more specific acupuncture details. Note: they don’t poke you with needles and suck out the fat through the hole. Or so I’m told.

Benefits of Using Acupuncture for Weight Loss

The causes of being overweight are numerous. Most of them are down to sitting on your ass and stuffing your face. Deal with it. Certain medicines are known to cause weight gain, but let’s be honest, certain donuts are too. Endocrine issues sometimes result in weight problems, as do nugget issues. This is especially true with some thyroid disorders, and drive-thrus. This neck gland controls the secretion of different hormones, and when its function is out of whack, people may notice unwanted extra pounds. Or sometimes they don’t notice, but they have the extra pounds anyway. Chinese healers developed acupuncture treatments that many claim are still very effective. Usually, the acupuncturist inserts tiny needles just under the skin surface, and the patient can just relax for 30 minutes after needle insertion.

Acupuncture targets many root causes of obesity. Generally, these needles are strategically places on the ear, specifically on four ear points – the stomach point, hunger point, endocrine point and the Shen Men point. Acupuncture is thought to strengthen and correct body energy disturbances that may cause illness, pain, stress and extreme fatigue. Life energy is called Qi, which is a bit like Spanish for “what?”, and acupuncture seeks to harness this energy and improve body system energy flow. When acupuncture is used for weight reduction, the needle targeted area is thought to influence the hypothalamus. This is located in the brain, and it regulates hormones, the endocrine system and more. Acupuncture seeks to balance the body systems that have been unbalanced before.

Reasons to Choose Acupuncture as a Weight Loss Treatment

Having acupuncture sessions is much easier than other weight loss plans. It can actually be relaxing to undergo this treatment, but it seems weird to even be sat in the waiting room. I’m here to get a needle stuck in me so I can get smaller…what am I, a balloon? But this is a terrific weight loss method for busy/lazy individuals that don’t have a lot of extra time. It is also fantastic for individuals that hate normal dieting and hard exercise routines – that means you, Slackernauts. Acupuncture is alleged to work even when other weight loss remedies have failed. If you are one of the scores of people either too busy, not motivated enough or have failed at traditional diet programs and various exercise workouts, acupuncture could be the exact weight loss treatment program that your body craves. These acupuncture sessions are only approximately one hour long. Thirty minutes of that time will be spent just unwinding, staying still. Anyone can work this easy weight loss treatment schedule into their slack lifestyles. It is usually recommended to keep regular weekly sessions for about 10 weeks.

This simple but effective weight loss treatment, targets obesity hormones and neuro-chemicals that cause hunger pangs, food initiation response, appetite and those processing nutrient chemicals responsible for digesting and breaking down fats. There are also natural hormones like ghrelin and leptin that acupuncture affects. Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for your meal initiation prompts, while leptin is the hormone directly responsible for metabolism and fat storage. These triggers are what cause people to desire food, and unchecked appetite response cravings cause individuals to eat more. If the metabolism drive is low, the body will store the excess fat by way of leptin.

Recommended Guide to Losing Weight by Utilizing Acupuncture

Complete the full recommended acupuncture sessions for the best overall weight loss results. Typically, these short sessions are scheduled once a week for ten weeks. This time-frame enables the effective body responses necessary for a healthy weight loss outcome. Individuals wanting acupuncture should seek a qualified acupuncturist. Most acupuncturists that perform this weight loss treatment will encourage their clients to modify their lifestyle habits. When acupuncture is paired with healthy meals in moderate proportions, the results are quicker and will be longer lasting as well. It doesn’t hurt to add some regular exercise program into your acupuncture weight loss plan, but I don’t feel it’s necessary. Do you?

The reasons that acupuncture works are that this procedure is a multi-level approach to safe, easy and impressively effective weight loss. If you are a person with an endocrine issue like thyroid problems or diabetes, acupuncture may improve the symptoms associated with these conditions. It doesn’t cure thyroid disorders or diabetes, but acupuncture has been known to increase energy and curbs hunger pangs that tend to cause overeating that results in obesity. Opening up the body energy flow with acupuncture has been reported to make people feel healthier overall.

What to Expect from Acupuncture Treatments

When performed by a qualified acupuncture specialist, this weight loss regime is far simpler than other weight loss options. You can expect a boost of your natural metabolism which generally leads to the body’s normal response of breaking down and excreting excess fat build up. Most acupuncture patients do not mind the needle insertion process at all. Many patients say that this treatment is unbelievably relaxing. While some individuals think that the session costs are too expensive, most feel the fantastic results outweighs any cost concerns. Many diet programs and intensive exercise classes cost a lot more that these 10 sessions of acupuncture therapy. Since hunger pangs are targeted, individuals can expect to not feel hungry all of the time. Many patients also report increased alertness and higher energy after acupuncture treatments.

Many doctors are recommending Acupuncture therapy for their obese patients. If you are looking for a holistic weight loss regimen that does not require strenuous exercise, or ineffective diet plans, then acupuncture is likely a good fit for your weight loss needs. There are no preparations for the treatments, and individuals that utilize acupuncture lose weight without undue stress.

Two week update

Nah, I’ve not even booked a session yet. Just don’t like the idea of some guy sticking me with a needle. You might like it thought. Let me know if it is a success for you.


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