Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made from either cider or apple must. Used as a dressing and in all the usual ways you might expect a vinegar to be used, it has long been reputed to have weight loss benefits. But is it true?

Recent research indicates that it may be true after all. In mice, it has been shown that consuming acetic acid causes a reduction in the amount of body fat stored – and acetic acid is the active ingredient in apple cider vinegar.

In humans, a Japanese experiment showed that drinking 30ml of apple cider vinegar a day caused a weight reduction of around 4lbs compared to a control group. While not a great loss, a proportion of this was visceral fat reduction with minimal exercise.

It seems as though apple cider vinegar is not a magic bullet and will not make you drop 50lbs in a week, but it may give you a little help. If the 4lb loss above repeated over further 12 week periods, it would result in a loss of over 16lbs in a year with no discernible change in your eating habits (other than an extra drink a day) and no extra exercise.

It is worth bearing in mind that the human body has a certain tolerance for such acidic drinks – high consumption of vinegar can cause osteoporosis among other problems, and it may affect insulin levels – if you are diabetic, consult a doctor before trying apple cider vinegar. You may also want to remember the effect that acid has on your teeth, too!

Using bottled vinegar is also deemed to be more effective than usings tablets. The tablets vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and contain different amounts of vinegar – while you may want one tablet from one manufacturer, you might need ten from another. Additionally, a study by the FDA in 2005 discovered that several brands of apple cider vinegar supplements contained…absolutely no apple cider vinegar!

As always, cooking and drinking home made fresh food and drink is probably your best chance at achieving sustainable weight loss.


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