How to apply eyeshadow and not look like a panda

The most common type of eyeshadow is in the form of a powder, and the easiest way to apply it is with the use of a brush. But unless you are going for an over-the-top 80s kind of look, what’s the easiest way to apply eyeshadow and not end up looking like a panda?

First and foremost, color choice is important. Bright vivid colors may make an impact and are helpful if you are trying to make a statement, but neutral tones will help to bring out your natural beauty and accent what you already have. Soft brushes are also essential, as the skin around your eyes is quite thin and can be easily damaged if care is not taken. Avoid the use of sponge brushes, as these will absorb the eyeshadow rather than transferring it to your face.

A common way to apply eyeshadow is to choose three similar colors, from light to dark. The lightest is applied first, often over the whole eyelid. The mid color is applied next, and the darkest is applied last – make sure you don’t go all the way up to your eyebrows! The colors can then be blended with a brush to give a smooth gradation between colors. The exact pattern in which the eyeshadow is applied depends on the effect you are going for, as you will essentially be painting on false shadows, giving the impression of a different shape to the area surrounding your eyes.

Going all the way up to your eyebrows is a guaranteed way to get the panda effect. In this case, less is definitely more!


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