The Protein Shake Diet

You know what? I am tired of riding the weight loss roller coaster. My weight has been all over the place, from phenomenal lows to highs that make me want to throw that scale out the window. I have tried every diet supplement under the sun. I have gone with low carbs, no carbs, low fat, and high protein. I thought loading up on fresh veggies and fruit might be the answer. I ended up in the bathroom. I have cleansed and gone through detoxification to kick start my quest for my ideal body. My efforts have only left me feeling deprived and discouraged. I can’t take the diets for long before I start to binge. That’s when the pounds start packing on and I feel like I am headed for the point of no return. I am not a fitness fanatic – far from it. My ideal day is sitting on the couch, channel hopping. Anytime that I have made an attempt at a more active lifestyle, it has blown up in my face. I have either hurt myself or stuck with the program for about a month before I began to slide into old habits. I am ready for a change.

I Need Something Easy

So, my Slackernauts, I have decided to have a go with the protein shake diet. I have tried weight loss shakes in the past, but I thought this would be the way to go because it emphasizes giving me the protein that my body needs. If I embrace a simple exercise plan that alternates cardio and strength training, I can start to build muscle while I burn fat. Protein is the way to go. Actually, bed is the way to go, but I guess I’ve got to make the effort. I have done my homework (odd for a slacker, I know) and I’ve figured out that protein shakes are simple, easy for when I am on the go (hah – as if!), and it’s not rocket science. Protein shakes are better than weight loss shakes because they aren’t filled with empty calories or additives. Best of all, they are mainly protein. Other types of shakes only have a small amount of protein. I need to be a powerhouse. A bodybuilder but without the effort. When I get my protein from a good source like a special shake, I avoid the fat and excess calories that come with other sources of protein. I can reap the benefits of something that will give my body what it needs and lose weight.

Why Choose Protein Shakes for Weight Loss?

If I go with protein shakes and the protein shake diet, I can cut back on those carbs. While carbs will give me instant bursts of energy, they also tend to turn to sugar, then fat. I want something that will take a little longer to kick in for an energy source, have staying power, and help me to stay more active. The more active I am and the more protein I have, the more weight I will lose while my muscles work more effectively. This go around, I am dieting smarter, not harder. I have learned that the right kind of protein, like whey protein, will burn through calories and that’s exactly what I want. Even when I am at rest, my body will be working off those pounds.
Best of all, I don’t have to sit and worry about meal preparation. A quick pour and a shake is all I need to have my protein substitute at the ready. It will curb my appetite so that I don’t indulge in all of those temptations that are usually my downfall.

Finding the Right Formula

It has taken a bit of experimentation to find that protein shake that is right for me. It has to be tasty or forget about it. I found one on Amazon, apple crumble and custard flavor. It kinda tasted like I’d already drank it and it was coming back up again. That’s not the taste I’m looking for. Give me chocolate or give me death…well…chocolate will be fin. I have learned that my shake should include about thirty grams of protein. It’s also good to blend about twenty-five grams of fiber with my shake. Water should be the base when I get started. In time, I may be able to use low fat or skim milk instead of water, because that’s a better taste. I have had to think about how protein shakes can work best for me. I can use a shake before or after a workout, and by workout I mean that sweat I built up trying to find the remote. It can be a snack when I have cravings or I can have one before I turn in for the night to keep me feeling satisfied while I am sleeping. The other option is a meal replacement plan. I have decided this is the best alternative for me since I am not planning on going over the top with exercise. Or doing any, for that matter. I need something that is going to get results. Once the weight starts coming off, I will be able to stick with the program. I have chosen to have two shakes a day. I’ll start my day with a shake in the morning and have another for lunch. I am also supplementing my shakes with healthy snacks mid-morning and in the afternoon. A low calorie dinner will complete my day, unless I really need a cheeseburger. Hey man, everything in moderation, including moderation, right?

What are the Drawbacks of Protein Shakes for a Diet?

I can’t stick with protein shakes alone or my diet will fail. I have to include real food. Most importantly of all, I need to train myself to be active and have portion control so that I will continue to stay at my ideal weight when this journey is over. I have to be careful with the protein shake that I choose to make sure I am getting the proper nutrition. My shakes should include healthy fats, some carbs, minerals, and vitamins. I need to make sure that rounding out my diet with fresh, whole foods that are rich in the nutrients I need. I am going to really need to take my time as I choose what I will eat when I grocery shop, staying away from processed foods and that kind of junk. Who am I trying to kid? At the same time, I can’t deny myself completely. It’s okay to have a treat from time to time. I’ll think about how often I indulge in something I really enjoy, making sure that I exercise and limit what I eat. I have heard that it is possible to develop kidney problems or heart issues if I go overboard on the protein, so that’s kind of off-putting. Oh well, here goes…

What happened after two weeks?

Two and a half pounds. That’s it. It’s like slacker weight loss for slackers…it’s not an instant fix. I mean, nothing is going to be an instant fix, but this is like margin-of-error changes…man, I can’t eat like this. I’m too much a fan of pizza.

Slacker Ratings:
Slackness: 5 out of 5 – can’t fault it. Make a shake, drink it. Easy.
Effectiveness: 2 out of 5 – headed in the right direction, but slower than a slacker taking a walk
Arnieness: 0 out of 5 – I’m still a chubby slacker. The only thing that makes me look like Lord Schwarzenegger is that we both have ears. And a six pack. But mine is in the cooler.