What is the OMG diet?

And why should you care?

The OMG Diet appears in the news every now and then – but what is it, and how effective is it?

The main rules of the OMG Diet are as follows:

  • Sleep longer
  • Skip Breakfast
  • Drink black coffee before exercise
  • Take cold baths
  • Eat less fruits
  • Don’t eat broccoli

As rules go, they don’t seem very complicated. But how are they meant to help fat loss?

Sleep Longer

Sounds good, doesn’t it? A big problem for a lot of people is that their busy lives prevent them from getting adequate sleep. Without the right amount of sleep, your body releases stress hormones, which are detrimental to fat loss. So sleeping longer is a good start.

Skipping Breakfast

The full recommendation here is to skip breakfast, and to exercise instead. While additional exercise may be beneficial, skipping breakfast may cause you to overeat at lunchtime. Breakfast has also been previously highlighted as the most important meal of the day, as eating it helps regulate your hormones when first waking up. However, several new diet plans have recently indicated a weight loss benefit when not eating for several hours after waking – it’s not scientifically proven, and your mileage may vary.

Drinking black coffee before exercise

The theory is that caffeine gives you a boost, and enables you to work out more effectively. The downside is that too much caffeine has previously been shown to inhibit weight loss – it’s a fine balance.

Taking cold baths

Ice baths have been shown to help with weight loss – in fact, just exposure to the cold generally can help. However, the OMG Diet recommends baths at a temperature below 20C – which is clearly nowhere near an ice bath! Whilst the basis of immersion in a cold bath is scientifically sound, the temperature recommendations are not.

Eat less fruit

Some diets recommend eating lots of fruit, while some recommend none. OMG recommends “less”. The problem with fruit is the fructose content, which can easily be turned in to fat in the body. The amount of fruit you eat for effective weight loss is entirely relative to the content of the rest of your diet.

Don’t eat broccoli

Why not? Too many carbs! It does however help with digestion and is full of vitamins. If you eat too much broccoli, you probably know – but eating too much cake is a much bigger problem.

In Summary

The diet itself does not require calorie counting, but does lean towards low carb. Generally “nothing we haven’t seen before” rather than “OMG”.


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